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Taxi Service

The USMC purchased the local Taxi service in July 2014 to benefit the Narromine Shire
for residence who require transportation for shopping, commuting to and
from work, and to assist the disabled, disadvantaged and elderly in getting around town safely.

The spirit of this venture was purely as a service to the community and not one
of profit. When the previous owners of the Taxis in Narromine retired, the need
for a continued service to the region was crucial to the safety and well being of
the shire. The Taxi service also assists in the responsible service of alcohol to
patrons of all venues in the shire to safely get to and from venues..


Phone Direct: 0487 894 228
Taxis can also be reached by calling the local radio cab number
131 008

and pressing #2 (For Narromine) on the key pad when prompted.

Taxi Vouchers:

As an added value service for registered members of the USMC, Taxi Vouchers may be purchased over the bar for $5 and can be used anywhere in town for a total fair of $15.
Note: Taxi Vouchers purchased from the USMC can only be used to and from the USMC.


Day Start Finish At Rank*
Monday 8:30 9:30 Until 5pm
Tuesday 8:30 9:30 Until 5pm
Wednesday 8:30 9:30 Until 5pm
Thursday 8:30 9:30 Until 5pm
Friday 8:30 Midnight Until 5pm
Saturday 9am Midnight Until Midday
Sunday 9am 9:30  


*Please note: Taxi may not be at rank due to job in transit. Phone bookings generally take
priority over rank jobs.
*Service outside of normal hours is due to driver availability.

Bookings: To book a service within or outside of these times, please call 0487 894 228
during normal service hours. For extended trips, corporate and business related travel
please contact Bob Walsh on

(02) 6889 4288.
Fax: (02) 6889 4408. 
e-mail: Bob Walsh