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'A.K.C Harang'
A.K.C. Hwarang Taekwondo is a dynamic and effective traditional martial arts school
that has been established in the Dubbo area for 20 years. Tony Croxon, the Chief Instructor,
has over 25 years of teaching Taekwondo. Ian Abel, the Narromine instructor, has over
10 years experience and is currently preparing for his 2nd degree examination.

A.K.C. Hwarang Taekwondo teaches self defence for street awareness, and includes instruction in ground and grappling techniques. A.K.C. Hwarang Taekwondo promotes fitness, strength and health in a disciplined and friendly environment without being locked into a long-term contract. Contact sparring, potentially leading to tournament competition, is also available for interested students.

The foundations of Taekwondo have been developed over 13 centuries in not only the sophisticated techniques of kicking, punching and dynamic self defence, but also in the do 
or way of the art. This means that, not only has Taekwondo evolved into a highly effective self defence method, but is also an art that has based its development on the unshakeable foundations of integrity, self-discipline, courtesy, high ethical standards, perseverance and indomitable spirit.

The dedicated practitioner of A.K.C. Hwarang Taekwondo will be able to find their
way confidently through the opportunities and challenges of modern life while
maintaining a confident and calm inner being.


Class Details

Narromine - Mondays 6.15pm at USMC Narromine
Contact: Instructor Ian Abel on (02) 6889 2221
Mobile: 0419 849 996

Private instruction available on application.