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Dance Class
Bust a move with Bel'
Thursday Afternoons (John Oxley)

Intermediate Jazz Class Kids

Time Table Class
Start: Finish (Age Group)
3:30 pm 4 pm Tiny Tots Jazz (3-5 Year olds)
4 pm 5 pm Junior Jazz (6-8 Year Olds)
5 pm 6 pm Intermediate Jazz (9-12) Year Olds

Intermediate Jazz Class Kids
enrolment fee per
family. (To be paid at
first lesson)

for 1/2 hour lessons

for 1 hour lessons.
Fees can be paid at
the beginning of each lesson or in full for the

Please Note:
In the spirit
of fairness for all children attending, your child will
not be able to participate without payment for more than 2 weeks. Payments
can be in cash or cheque.

Uniform: Outfits have to be safe and comfortable for students to
be able to dance/move freely in.

This also means safe and comfortable shoes must be worn. (No Jiffys, thongs, boots, etc)
Uniform Colours:
Girls: Black & Pink. Hair should
be tied back out of childrens'

Boys: Can wear anything that is comfortable and they are able to dance in.
Parents: Parents are to drop off their child
at start of lesson and pick them
up at the conclusion as it is very difficult for children to concentrate with parents and/or siblings in the hall.

We will have an open day
towards the end of the term to provide parents and siblings an opportunity to see what they have been learning.


I look forward to working with
your families. If you have any questions at all, please don't
hesitate to contact me.
Miss Bel
(Belinda Edmunds
Phone: 0417697359